Hello Barnstormers

Recently a members electric plane crashed and started a small fire in the wheat field NE of the runway.  Thanks to the quick action of the members present, the fire was quickly extinguished and the crop damage limited to a very small area.  The landowner has been notified.

This serves as a stark reminder that as the summer wears on and the crop dries out, we have an extreme fire danger in the fields North, East and South of the runway.  The fields surrounding the runway represent income to our landowner and surrounding farmers.  Damage to their crops will NOT be taken lightly and could threaten the Club’s existence.

Keep the following in mind while flying this summer:

  • Pre-Flight your plane!  To minimize the risk of an unscheduled landing, check the function of your aircraft’s control surfaces, battery levels, fuel, range check your transmitter, fasteners, added C.G. weight, etc prior to flying each day.  If you are not sure how or what to do, ask someone for help.  Get into a routine and make a checklist if needed.
  • Members flying electric aircraft are required to have a fire extinguisher with them and readily available.  The LiPo batteries have been proven to start fires!!!
  • If you plane does crash, take water and fire extinguisher with you to recover your plane (We are working on a plan to store gallon water jugs in the cage area……see attached pictures).  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • IF a fires does start and is not QUICKLY contained and put out, call 911.  Keep in mind that it will take at least 10-15 min for the fire department to arrive.  Make sure that there is a member out on Butteville Road to flag down the fire department and guide them in.
  • If an incident that causes damage does occur, contact either myself or Dan Arrington.  You will be responsible to contact the landowner and make any arrangements necessary.  Reminder that the Club’s AMA insurance is secondary to members personal insurance.

Thanks again for the quick action by those at the field during the incident……..

Most of all, enjoy the great flying weather!!!!


AMA members permitted to fly above 400 feet

There has been confusion among our members as to whether operations above 400 feet are permitted by the FAA. AMA has remained steadfast that operations above 400 feet are permitted, if conducted within our safety program requiring the pilot to be an AMA member, to avoid and not interfere with manned aircraft, and to keep the model within visual line of sight of the pilot/observer. In a recent letter to the AMA, the FAA recognized AMA’s role as a community-based organization and acknowledged our safety guidelines, including allowing flight above 400 feet.