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I have almost completed a year of R/C flying.  It has been a most interesting year.  I have had my share of learning experiences, crashed planes, planted in trees, loss of control, etc.  But overall, a great experience.  I can’t give enough credit to Dan Phillips our club trainer, who patiently trained me.  Seems that all the other pilots that I have met at the field have similar experiences.  I want to pass along a suggestion for all new pilots.  I found a book that can be purchased on the internet, that did a terrific job of explaining a lot of questions that I as a new pilot had.  The link is https://www.e-junkie.com/d/?t=04B82805CF863750N&d=t16o2&c=10xt  I believe it was only $7. to purchase and download.  I think it is a terrific addition to anyone looking to learn to fly R/C airplanes.