Flight Proficiency Check Program

This course is designed to train the newcomer to the Sport of R/C Modeling so they can, in the shortest possible period of time, be capable of going to the Club Field and fly by themselves with confidence and success.
Advanced and Instructor flyers
All testing will be performed at the Club field Flight Area (see paragraphs 8.2 and 8.6).
Those Club members who are qualified Club Instructors will administer tests.
The classifications of these levels are as follows:
Level 1        Pilot in training
Level 2  Solo pilot
Level 3        Advanced pilot
Level 4  Instructor
Level 1* Current participant in the club training program.
Level 2* Without the aid of an instructor: Can Takeoff, climb out, fly figure eight’s while maintaining altitude, perform basic stunt maneuvers (loop, immelman, roll) and can land on the runway from either direction on the first attempt.
  It should be noted that all Solo pilot requirements will  be successfully executed while “buddied” up to an instructor prior to a trainees first true Solo flight attempt.
Level 3* Can perform all Solo pilot maneuvers plus the more advanced maneuvers (maintained inverted flight, consecutive rolls, knife-edge flight, etc.)
Level 4* Any Advanced pilot with the patience and willingness to assist with club trainees.