Barnstormers Radio Control Flying Club

Membership Application & Renewal Form

Print out and complete this form.

   If you are a new member, the amount is $75.00, will be $100 for 2010.

   If you are a renewal, the amount is $75.00 for 2010.

For Renewal: Mail the completed form along with a check payable to "Barnstormers" to the address shown at the bottom of the page. 


Name:________________________________        A.M.A. Number (required)_ ______________


City:______________________________________     State: _____    




Current flying interests:  (Circle all that apply)

Sport;  Scale;  Helicopters;  Gliders;  IMAC;  Pattern;  Combat;  


Radio control frequencies you use (by channel number):_____, _____, _____, _____, _____


I have read the "Barnstormers Radio Control Flying Club: Airfield Flying Rules and agree to abide by them:

(Signature)_______________________________________________     Date_______________

Note: For new membership mail completed form only. You need to be present for 2 meeting 1st to introduce yourself and the 2nd is when you get voted in. Pay by check or cash when voted in.

Mail this Membership Application Form to "Barnstormers" to:


John Borelli , Membership Chairman

14279 S. Firethorne Ct.
Oregon City, OR. 97045