Pilot Training

The Club has implemented a Flight Proficiency Check Program starting with those members that joined the Club during 2012 and all new members this year going forward. These members will have to demonstrate the ability to takeoff, fly the prevailing traffic pattern, stall recovery at altitude, fly a figure eight maneuver and land prior to conducting any solo flights. This will include a review of the established flight boundaries and no-fly areas. The new procedure began on Saturday, March 23. Club Officers and members authorized to conduct these new member flight checks are myself, Dan Arrington, John Borelli, Garth Walbert, Doug Snapp, Sr., Dan Phillips, Brian Phillips, Don Fisher and Charlie Hagen.


The Barnstormers RC Club has several excellent Pilot Instructors who are available to train inexperienced pilots 'how to fly' or work with experienced pilots to hone their individual flying skills.  The Instructors are available most every Saturday to train the prospective pilot 'how to fly' and then to 'solo'.  During the summer months of June, July, and August, training is also available at the airfield at 6:30PM on Tuesday evenings. The club has its own trainer aircraft and radios so it is not necessary for the prospective pilot to own their own aircraft or radio.

Brian Philipps with recently renovated club trainer


Instructor Bill Bryant and Student Lee Hopper on the 'Buddy' system ready for flying


Bill Bryant and Lee Hopper focused on the job at hand